The Jmath applet allows users to include mathematics in their web pages by putting HTML/3 math commands directly in their HTML source files.

Jmath Output HTML 3 Source Code
x^<BOX> n <OVER> n+1 </BOX>^ + y_0_ = 2 <SUP> 2 <SUP> z </SUP> </SUP>
Γ(f,z) = <BOX>∫_-z_^z^ <LEFT><SQRT> 1 - f(x) </SQRT></BOX> dx
<BOX>(<LEFT>1 + <BOX>1<OVER>n^lt;/BOX> <RIGHT>)</BOX>^n^ → e^x^

Jmath also permits inline equations with some limitations. For example, let and . Then . .

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