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   Takes text, delay, fontName, fontBold, fontItalic, bgColor,
   and fgColor as parameters.  The following are the defaults:

   text        -   String displayed in applet      -  Growing Text
   delay       -   Milliseconds between updates    -  500 
   fontName    -   Font style                      -  TimesRoman
   fontBold    -   Font boldness                   -  true
   fontItalic  -   Font italics                    -  false
   bgColor     -   Background color (hex. number)  -  light Gray
   fgColor     -   Foreground color (hex. number)  -  black 
   blur        -   Blurring effect                 -  false

   Note: 'random' can be used as the background or foreground color
   to generate a random color on each update.

   Clicking anywhere in the applet will suspend/resume it.

Download the Compiled program, or view the source.

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Jamie Hall